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Cloudy Water? Usually No Need To Worry...

First things first; if you have cloudy water coming from one or more faucets in your home, the odds are that YOU DO NOT NEED TO WORRY! We get many calls from customers who haven’t used the tap water for years because it’s cloudy. Rightfully so, they are worried that drinking the “debris” in the water is bad for them. 95% of the time, that “debris” is simply air bubbles in the plumbing system.

Cloudy water can occur in a few different scenarios:

1. If the water is cloudy from all the faucets in your home, the issue likely stems from the municipal water system. Air bubbles can form in a variety of situations, but are often due to pressure in the water piping. Water “under pressure” holds a lot of air; when you allow that water to flow out of the pressurized plumbing system and into a glass, that air is allowed to escape. It is similar to opening a pop bottle – no bubbles when it is closed, but lots when you open it up!

2. If water is cloudy from just one faucet, it is likely caused by the faucet or faucet’s aerator. When the water flows through the faucet and aerator, it is disturbed, allowing very small air bubbles to disperse in the water.

3. Lastly, if you notice only your hot water is cloudy, you should pay more attention. Fill a glass with hot water and watch if it first starts to clear from the bottom or top first. If it starts to clear from the bottom, good news, air! If it starts to clear from the top, bad news, sediment. Sediment can be a sign that your water heater is starting to age and likely needs a good “flush” (which should be done on a yearly basis anyway!).

That's it! Typically speaking, there is no need to worry, but you can always call us if needed!




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