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Our Story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Geoff Burke, the owner of Watermark Plumbing, started his journey as a small business owner rather unintentionally...  One night after a major rainstorm, as he took the family dog out once more before bed, he saw literal panic out on the streets.  During the storm, the sewers had backed up into a series of lower-level townhouses, knee deep.  People were trying desperately to bail out their homes like a sinking ship, to no avail.  He spent the rest of the night helping out his neighbours any way that he could.

In the coming days, Geoff became known as the “local plumber” in the neighbourhood.   He was able to help out many of his neighbours with all sorts of different issues that arose.  They shared stories with him of all the tradespeople that had been in their homes after the flooding, using all sorts of scare tactics in an attempt to get their business. It was here that Geoff saw a major gap in trust – people simply can’t trust the very tradespeople that they invite into their homes!  He concluded that he was going to start a business that would take the exact opposite approach, with the goal to educate as much as possible and to let customers make their own decisions. 

That is when Geoff officially opened Watermark Plumbing.  We now operate every day with a “customer first” mentality and it has been working extremely well for both us and the customers we serve.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with every one of you in the future, so you can truly have a different experience with the trades!

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