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Staying Diligent Over the Holidays

Since we’re a week away from Christmas, I’m going to nag you to make sure you stay diligent this year, to avoid having to call a plumber during the busy holiday season. You may be surprised to know, that in a normal year (maybe not this year!), the holidays are one of the busiest times of the year for service plumbers. There is undoubtedly more strain on your home’s plumbing system, as we would typically be cooking large meals and have guests at the house. When there is an issue in your plumbing system in times like this, you need it taken care of NOW!

While you won’t have the same stress on your plumbing system as normal years, you want to make sure to not have to call someone out to your house. It isn’t unusual for a company to charge 1.5-2 times (or more) what their regular rates would be. Let’s avoid that!

You and I both know what we should and shouldn’t be putting down the drains. The change in our behaviour over the holidays is simply convenience. While you’re cooking Christmas dinner and are juggling 10 different sides, appetizers, and a turkey, it is just so much more convenient to dump that grease down the drain, or not scrape your dishes into the garbage as diligently as your normally do. This of course is where you run into trouble.

This week doesn’t have any special tips or tricks – it is just a reminder. Be just as diligent as you normally are; you DON’T want to have to call a plumber. You spend enough of your hard-earned money over the holidays – don’t give yourself a reason to spend more!



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