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2022 Smile Drive - Final Numbers Are In!

Hey everyone - The 2022 Smile Drive’s final numbers are in :).

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, WE WERE ABLE TO EXCEED OUR GOAL AND CAME UP WITH A TOTAL OF 5298 CARDS - enough to deliver one card to each resident of 30 Long Term Care homes across the city, as well as 1 Hospital (St. Joe’s, for those of you who are wondering)!

I wanted to also give one last thank you to all of you who participated. It is an amazing thing to think that all of you who came together put a smile on the face of more than 5000 people this holiday season – a time when people need smiles the most :).

Before I go, I want to give an extra big shout out to my wife Angela, who in many ways was the backbone of this project, as well as our dispatcher Sarah for helping to get the important information to those of you who were interested!

I am now taking some time off with the family over the holidays, but expect to hear from me again in the new year with your regularly scheduled “How NOT to Call the Plumber” posts. Happy holidays and see you soon!

Geoff Burke


Watermark Plumbing Services Inc.



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